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The development of led screen in the domestic theme park market

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In the context of the epidemic era, my country’s domestic tourism industry may soon start a “retaliatory” consumption boom. In the modern tourism industry, theme parks are a major development feature, and theme parks are indispensable for a tall display device. With its unique advantages in the field of outdoor display, LED displays have become the first choice for theme park display devices. In the process of upgrading, it will bring more benefits to the diversified application of LED screens. A new round of theme park construction boom has also brought new business opportunities to the LED display industry.

From the current point of view, in addition to the existing large-scale projects such as Shanghai Disneyland, Beijing Universal Studios, Wuxi Wanda Cultural Tourism City, etc., many theme park projects have been launched in recent years. With the continuous improvement of the innovative demand standards for immersive experience in theme park projects, the application of LED screens has simultaneously shown broader prospects. For example, in the application of landscaping and performance backgrounds, relying on a variety of product forms including sky screens, facade screens, floor tile screens, curved screens, special-shaped screens, and transparent screens, LED screens can be used independently as performance backgrounds, or can be combined with The real scene is organically integrated to create a more realistic and immersive tour experience.

A new round of theme park boom is coming, LED display ushered in good luck!

In recent years, driven by small-pitch technology, touch technology, 3D display and other technologies, outdoor full-color LED display can not only present clearer and more delicate images in the outdoor field, but also realize richer communication and interaction functions. It also has good prospects in applications such as indoor exhibition halls and command and dispatch. Outdoor full-color LED displays are expected to become the first choice for large-screen display devices in indoor theme exhibition halls.

As an advantageous product in the field of outdoor display, LED display has become the new favorite of exhibition display and theme park display equipment due to its advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, seamless, long life, and any shape can be realized. The construction boom of large-scale theme parks in China has injected a huge wave of capital into the tourism industry, and also opened up a huge opportunity for the LED display industry.

Today, the most advanced science and technology are perfectly integrated with interactive multimedia such as LED outdoor display screens, which are presented in amusement parks and become the darling of display equipment in exhibitions and theme parks. The rapid development of theme parks is inseparable from “playing” and the needs of the market. A new round of theme park construction boom has also brought new business opportunities to the LED display industry.

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