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Using a different special-shaped screen to present a different

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Today, the LED display market continues to mature, from flat to curved, from single-sided to multi-sided, to the latest LED special-shaped screens. There are new breakthroughs in technology and appearance, and these special-shaped screens of various shapes give us great surprises.

The biggest feature of the LED special-shaped screen is that it can break the limitation and change various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display to present different effects. It is novel and unique, giving people a strong shocking effect.

Foshan Jinding Elegant Hotel – Five Rings Xiangyun Art Screen

In 2018, Yaham built five large rings with a total area of more than 322m² composed of 15 double-sided curved screens and 12 cylindrical screens for Foshan Jinding Elegant Hotel. Viewed from any angle, it can be flexibly raised and lowered with the sound of music, becoming an “eye-catching” weapon for the audience.


More and more domestic enterprises also choose to make their products flourish through the promotion of special-shaped LED screens, which is the icing on the cake. Such as LED cylindrical screen, LED spherical screen, etc., completely eliminate viewing blind spots, 360-degree full-scale display of complete image content, perfect integration of the beauty of goods and high-tech technology, which greatly enhances the brand image and reputation of merchants.

However, due to the different appearance and structure of LED special-shaped screens, they tend to be customized production, so the technical requirements and R&D capabilities of manufacturers are also more stringent, This makes it difficult for even a large number of LED companies to make excellent special-shaped screens.


It is worth mentioning that recently, Yaham was invited again to participate in the annual meeting of the company at the Jinding Elegant Hotel in Foshan. The five-ring auspicious cloud art screen is still lit in the sky above the banquet hall. Smooth and restore the best visual experience, making the banquet hall more fashionable and noble.

In order to complete this innovative and customized project,  Yaham, which has been committed to creating customized LED display solutions, set up a special team, overcame many difficulties, and finally realized the ultra-high customization of products.


Yaham keeps pace with the times and has specially developed various special-shaped soft modules such as spherical, trapezoidal, annular, and cylindrical, which can be assembled into various regular or irregular such as wave screen, curved screen, circular screen, spherical screen, etc. Geometric LED display.


Las Vegas Caesars Palace Project


Shanghai Metro City Plaza Project


chicago bulls project

Over the past 20 years,  Yaham has been insisting on product research and development and innovation, maximizing the realization of high-end customization of products, and subverting the traditional display experience with its beautiful expression effect, innovative design concept and high-tech experience. With our strength, we have completed one ultra-high customization project after another, creating greater business value for our customers.

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