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Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut

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Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham

The LED screen of Renfeng Building is located in the Tianhe Road business district, which enjoys the reputation of “the first golden commercial belt in South China”. During the Spring Festival of 2021, the Tianhe Road business district will receive over 11 million visitors, a year-on-year increase of nearly 12 times. The Tianhe Road business district gathers top-notch global brands. It is the first choice for international brands to compete, and it has also become a new highland for Tianhe’s modern and international business environment.

On the facade of the entrance curtain wall of Renfeng Building, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, there was a traditional full-color LED display with an area of 315.62 square meters before the renovation. There were two billboards on the left and right of the screen. The needs of brand communication and other aspects are in urgent need of upgrading.

In order to bring efficient brand promotion and the ultimate outdoor communication effect to customers, yaham deeply analyzed the geographical location of Renfeng Building and the characteristics of the building structure. Outdoor seamless corner LED large screen.

Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham
Transformation of the former
Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham
After transformation

yaham outdoor corner screen adopts a unique seamless surface module in the industry, which seamlessly fits the outer body of the building, which perfectly eliminates the splicing and black line problems that occur in traditional splicing corner displays. show stunning visual effects.

The new generation of large screen has achieved a reborn improvement in both technology and quality. High gray and high brush ensure smoother operation of the picture, and the reproduction of picture quality and color is more delicate and true. The large screen adopts the international ultra-high-definition imaging P6 display screen It presents dynamic, flicker-free, and perfect visual ecology, bringing a shocking visual picture to the bustling Tianhe Road.

As a large outdoor LED screen, the large-area high-definition display of highlights is undoubtedly the key to enhancing the brand’s impression and making the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time, the screen has been upgraded and transformed, and the visual display spans the junction of the traffic lights at the entire intersection. The display area of 1403.9 square meters directly makes the outer screen of Renfeng Building leap to the new landmark screen king in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham

The naked-eye 3D screen with a strong sense of technology is a new trend in the development of media advertising, which helps the business circle to create bright topics, gather popularity, quickly and effectively open up popularity, and promote the development of business economy and advertising media.

More and more companies have discovered the value of outdoor media advertising and set their sights on the outdoor media market to increase brand image and improve brand conversion with the help of outdoor large-screen advertising. The naked-eye 3D screen in the outdoor large screen is more favored by advertisers due to its high-quality display effect and ability to create topics.
The curved naked-eye 3D screen built by Yaham in Changsha Century Love Building in May is an excellent example. Advertisers played “520 Love Castle” on the naked-eye 3D screen to swipe various social media, and “Changsha’s Exclusive Romance” was successfully displayed in a certain Yinhe certain book has achieved breakthrough marketing, and Century Qing Building has also become a punch-in place for emerging Internet celebrities in Changsha.

Yaham has accumulated more than 50 classic cases of outdoor screens in Guangzhou, which is why the client entrusted Yaham with this screen upgrade project of Renfeng Building. Yaham’s accumulation in the field of outdoor advertising screens and naked-eye 3D large screens has also made the project plan a draft, and the project is progressing very smoothly.
Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham

Guangzhou Renfeng Building and Changsha Century Qing Building both use Yaham S4 series outdoor LED displays. Yaham S4 series adopts a unique cabinet design, which is more than 50% lighter than traditional cabinets, and has the advantages of light weight and convenience. For the Guangzhou Renfeng Building project, Yaham specially customized a 1.6m*1.2m large box, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

The S4 series adopts dual-voltage power supply, which reduces the power consumption by more than 15% compared with the conventional screen, effectively reduces the attenuation rate of the display screen and prolongs the service life, helping advertisers save operating costs. Corrosion-resistant profile aluminum structure and blind bottom design achieve a high protection level of IP65 at the front and rear of the box. The graphene heat dissipation technology independently developed by Yaham can reduce the working temperature of components by 10°C, and theoretically prolong the service life of the display screen by 2 years.

In addition, the S4 series provides a variety of optional sizes, which can easily create a naked-eye 3D large screen of various sizes. Since its release, the S4 series has become the first choice of naked-eye 3D screens for many customers with its flagship quality. The application cases of Yaham S4 series can be seen in dozens of domestic cities such as Guangzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Huaibei and Nantong.
Guangzhou led display king was born! Naked eye 3D big screen debut - yaham

Since its establishment in 2002, Yaham has always been customer-centric, putting customer needs first, formulating the most suitable solutions for customers, and providing high-quality products and services. This is also Yaham as a high-end LED engineering service expert. Based on this.

In the future, Yaham will carry forward the spirit of excellence, make every project and every product perfect, and become the trusted choice of more customers.

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